For three centuries, the House of Martell has been firmly rooted in the soils of Cognac. Its founder, Jean Martell, extensively explored the region’s diverse terroirs in a quest for the very finest grapes – a spirit of curiosity and love of the land which the House proudly keeps alive today, as evidenced with the launch of this exceptional new collection: Martell Collection Single Estate.

A selection of outstanding cognacs, each produced in limited quantities not only from a single growth, but by a single domain, the Martell Collection Single Estate is an invitation to explore the Cognac region in all its fascinating diversity. It also highlights another dimension of Martell’s celebrated savoir-faire: its unrivalled knowledge of the land and relationship with the people of Cognac.

A testimony to the innovative approach that has seen Martell constantly seek out new expressions of cognac, the Martell Collection Single Estate saw the House of Martell crisscrossing the vineyards of Cognac to unearth hidden treasures – individual estates whose location, soil and climate enables them to produce grapes and, subsequently, eaux-de-vie of unique quality and character.

The oldest of France’s great cognac houses, Martell not only possesses the largest area of vineyards in the region, with 430 hectares under vine, but also nurtures close ties with local winegrowers and distillers, some of whom have worked with the House for generations. As well as a homage to the terroir, the Martell Collection Single Estate is therefore a tribute to the people of Cognac – to the men and women who, for centuries, have expertly tended the vines, made the wines, and distilled and aged the eaux-de-vie. The owner of each estate contributed the very best from his vineyards, while the Martell Cellar Master selected the most outstanding eaux-de-vie, thus uniting two traditions of savoir-faire in one exceptional collection.

The Martell Collection Single Estate encompasses four cognacs ranging in age to over 40 years. Blended from three eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, Domaine Pierre de Béchillon-Boraud is a rounded, harmonious cognac with distinctive notes of fruit and spices, while luscious, peachy Domaine de Charbonnière contains a single eau-de-vie from the highly sought-after Borderies growth. A product of the excellent 1989 vintage, Vignoble C. Mongillon captures the balance, structure and finesse associated with Grande Champagne in a single eau-de-vie distinguished by notes of walnuts, almonds and roasted coffee. Finally, Vignoble A. Couillaud Vintage 1978 is a single, outstanding eau-de-vie from the prestigious Petite Champagne growth. Powerful and well-structured, with intriguing notes of blackcurrant leaf and an exceptionally long finish, it is a truly remarkable cognac in the authentic Martell style. These four cognacs are only the first ones highlighted in the Martell Collection Single Estate, as the Martell House keeps exploring the region constantly, in search of new estates to share with their connoisseurs.

Produced in limited quantities and individually numbered for the rarest, the cognacs are presented in elegantly understated bottles with intricately engraved labels, in boxes crafted from natural wood – a luxurious but deliberately simple presentation, the better to highlight the wealth of history and savoir-faire captured in the Martell Single Estate Collection.